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Sustainability @Bangkok Prep

Bangkok Prep is fully committed to environmental education and sustainability! We have fully and authentically embedded the UN Global Goals into our curriculum which we use as ‘guiding lights’ to shine the path towards a sustainable future.

Sustainability Initiatives at Bangkok Prep

Organic Farm @T77

Bangkok Prep's Organic Farm was established from working closely with Folkrice (a Social Enterprise specialised in organic farming and food security). This 1 Rai organic farm will supply a variety of fruit and vegetables to our kitchen including: red oak, green oak, buttavia, ginjuchai, mulberry, morning glory, basil, chili, tomato, and melon.

Apart from these delicious and safe to eat fruit and vegetables, students will have opportunities to learn how to grow plants organically and obtain first-hand experience on sustainable environmental development within the school.

Due to the construction of Block D, and for safety reasons, our organic farm will be relaunched after August 2020.


Bangkok Prep is the second school in the world to be accredited with the highest Eco Schools Award - the Green Flag!

We are very proud of this achievement but we are realistic in the challenge ahead. In March 2019 our school hosted the first FOBISIA Environmental Conference in Thailand. This conference focused on reconnecting with nature in our cities. Children explored ways in which we can live more sustainably.

Bangkok Prep is also extremely proud to be a fully affiliated member of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

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We are delighted to announce that in line with Bangkok Prep values and being the first International School in Thailand to be awarded the Eco-Schools Green Flag award, we have now rolled out our new recycling bins around school. These are clearly marked and allow the separation of plastics, cans and other waste products. This is also a fantastic way to teach our children about the importance of taking care of our planet. Thank you to the IVL Foundation for your support with this.

Solar panels on campus

As an Eco School, Bangkok Prep has continued to develop our sustainable practices and we are incredibly proud to have installed a large quantity of solar panels at our Secondary Campus. These panels produce an excess of energy during certain periods of the year. This enables our school to provide renewable energy to other businesses within the T77 complex.


As a committed Green Flag Eco school, Bangkok Prep will be the first International School in Thailand to have a SHARGE Electric Vehicle charging station for use with all electric vehicles with any type of connection. In addition to that, there will be two #BMW #i3s Battery Electric Vehicle available to use at the Secondary campus. 

Foundation for Environmental Education

Our school is also working very closely with The Foundation for Environmental Education to provide training, resources and information for schools, teachers, students and parents. This will help to improve community engagement and meet the shared goals of higher levels of Global Citizenship.

Bangkok Prep Forest School initiative

The Bangkok Prep Forest School Initiative was developed on the purpose built campus on the Green Lung. This enables students to have regular opportunities to achieve and develop confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in a woodland or natural environment with trees. We haD the honour of hosting the first UK Forest School Training Level 3 here in October 2019. This will enable our teachers to skilfully facilitate outdoor learning and embed it into our thematic curriculum. There is no doubt that this style of learning has a deep and profound impact on our children's well-being and their understanding of the environment.

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