Strong performances at TISAC Table Tennis Champs

Bangkok Prep competed in the last installment of the TISAC Table Tennis Championship this week with our U11, U13 and U15 teams taking part.

U11 TeamU13 TeamU15 Team
Jun Woo Yr 5Pooh Yr 8Craig Yr 10
Artin Yr 6Nadol Yr 7Kazu Yr 10
Pacho Yr 5William Yr 8Chai Yr 9
Ronit Yr 5Sean Yr 7Shawal Yr 10
PynYr 8Kate Yr 10
Jdy Yr 8Nafisa Yr 10
Charlotte C Yr 7Kareena Yr 10
Malissa Yr 8Mymi Yr 10

On this occasion Bangkok Prep didn’t come away with any medals but they did put in some great performances.

Plenty of wins were put on the board and a couple of times Prep students missed out by head-to-head or points difference.

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