Primary Results

Examinations and Assessment Analysis 2017 – 18

What an amazing, wonderful and hugely successful year I had as my first year as the Head of Primary at Bangkok Prep! Many parents have commented on my first welcome speech this year quoting me saying “Welcome to the best school in Bangkok!” following up by saying, they believed me, because I believe it. I do believe it, otherwise I would not be here and our recent results are just one reason why I am so proud to be leading our school and its teachers.

At Bangkok Prep, we have moved our assessments away from the outmoded method of ‘Levels’ in line with the recommendations of the DfE (the UK Department for Education). Rather than Statutory Assessments Tests, commonly known as SATs or End of Key Stage Tests and Assessments, we now carry out standardised tests to summatively measure the children’s progress.

A significant number of schools across the UK and internationally are now choosing to use standardised tests to add to their internal assessment methods. At Bangkok Prep, we use standardised tests alongside the essential and more accurate teacher assessment, to give us a more precise indication of a child’s progress.

The tests are standardised on a very large sample of students. This enables the children to be measured accurately against their peers and gives an accurate measure of ‘expected progress’ in relation to the others at the same stage in their educational journey across the UK and internationally. For the majority of age-standardised school tests, approximately 1 in 6 children will exceed expectations. We are very proud to announce that this year’s results hugely outperformed ‘expected progress’ and we have delivered outstanding results across the board.

Our impressive academic results, clearly support our school vision of: being an outstanding learning community, that is internationally-minded, inspiring all members to achieve their potential.

What makes a great school? The staff, parents and children that believe in it! We have an amazing school community that is supported by the Friends of Bangkok Prep, parents and staff that go beyond of what is expected. I continue to be proud to call myself Head of Bangkok Prep Primary!

Breakdown of Results:

  • 92% meeting or exceeding expectations in Maths
  • Approximately 1⁄3 of all children are exceeding expectations in Maths!
  • 94% meeting or exceeding expectations in Reading
  • 43% of all children are exceeding expectations in Reading!
  • 93% meeting or exceeding expectations in Writing
  • And again, almost 1⁄3 of all children are exceeding expectations in Writing!

Our Campuses

Primary Campus

Bangkok Prep Primary Campus
23 Sukhumvit 53, Vadhana
Bangkok, 10110


Secondary Campus

Bangkok Prep Secondary Campus
77 Sukhumvit 77, Vadhana
Bangkok, 10110