Year 5 Curiosity Project Showcase

On Friday 2nd November, Year 5 held their Curiosity Project Showcase in the form of a Victorian Museum. It was a fantastic afternoon with a range of incredible projects on show. It was clear to see that the children had been inspired by the project and had shown a lot of creativity by making various artefacts like a Victorian coal mine, Victorian houses, Victorian classrooms and an array of Victorian inventions. The children’s hard work resulted in an exciting museum experience. Our visiting teachers and parents were treated to a multi-sensory learning experience led by expert historians (the Year 5 students).

Their projects were carried out over a 7 week period. It started by thinking of a question that would inform their research. Following on from this, the children carried out further research on a particular aspect of Victorian life. Once they had organised their research, they decided upon how they were going to present their learning. The range of ideas and the skills that were displayed was very impressive. Not only had the children made their artefacts but they had also created posters, display boards and videos to make their exhibits more engaging.

There was an excellent turnout from Year 5 parents who were keen to get through the museum doors as soon as it opened. This presented a wonderful opportunity for the children to take pride in their work and also to develop their confidence by presenting information to a wider audience in an extremely purposeful way.

Overall, it was an exciting afternoon in which everyone went home having learnt lots of new things about Victorian life. Well done Year 5!


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