Sixth Form Information Day

The students from Year 11 are now almost at the very end of their IGCSE excursion, and will soon be embarking on their Sixth Form life; preparing them for the real world that lies ahead. The thought of this may seem daunting to many students as they are filled with multiple thoughts and decisions that may seem immense. In order to combat this, and allow the students to feel much more comfortable, Bangkok Prep has established a transition period – where current Year 12 representatives are able to freely communicate with the Year 11 students and give an insight on life in Sixth Form, the differences in subjects, key leadership opportunities, and to answer any questions the students may have.

In order to not overwhelm the Year 11 students, the Year 12 ensemble divided into groups – each representing a different aspect of subjects and opportunities offered at Sixth Form. This allowed more time with students and parents, in order to fully assist and answer individual questions. The students delivered presentations on their area of student life, and Year 11 students and their parents were in groups, where they would then move to another presentation and then be able to seek out subjects they were keen on and talk to staff and student electives. This one on one time allowed the students to understand the demands of their subject, how the teachers and other students plan on supporting them, and advise students to be able to carefully pick out their A levels and future careers.

The feedback received from the Sixth Form Information Day was that the students felt more relaxed and less nervous, which is what we strive for at Bangkok Prep. We are positive that by the time August 2019 comes around, the students will feel at ease, enlightened and recognise that there will always be support offered to them within the Bangkok Prep community.

Nafisa Singhsachathet

Year 12 Student


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