Dear Students, Parents and Colleagues,

We have had a lovely week in school with our focus on International Week through the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the SDGs. Friday was a riot of colour as our students and staff dressed in international dress from around the world. An extra special thanks must go to our parent helpers in FoBP who made lunchtime so diverse and enriching as well as tasty and in some cases a little too spicy! In my 22 years of teaching in international schools, I have never seen a school community embrace international week in such a genuine way as here at Bangkok Prep. We are very fortunate to have such a dedicated and supportive community. We undertook a survey amongst students and staff to see what they thought being international was…I will share the results with you as a ‘wordle’ and as you will probably see, our community interpretations are as wide and diverse as each of us, although there are definite themes that come forwards. We are an international school and for me that is not about where we come from but the fact that we choose to respect and celebrate our differences and similarities. We do this because we communicate, focusing on listening with a desire to understand.

We had cause to celebrate our current Y12’s fantastic IGCSE results on Tuesday afternoon when we held our IGCSE Certificate Presentation Afternoon for our 78 Y12 students and parents. Our own Bangkok Prep students had a record-breaking, overall pass rate of 89.9%, where 49.7% of all grades were A* or A. The most important result for me though was the value added score of +0.54. This improved again and showed the progress our students made in their attainment. It is a reflection of the effort our staff and students showed in improving every I/GCSE result by half a grade.

Thursday afternoon was a big event in the lives of our Y9 students as they had their Student Led Conference. This is the last step of consultation and discussion, before students make and submit their initial IGCSE option choices for Y10 next year. I’m pleased to say that we have our largest number of subjects available to students in our aim to ensure that every child can follow their own individual pathway. My advice is to always have an interest in what you want to do or study so that you have the long term motivation to succeed.

Kind regards and enjoy the weekend.

Nigel Wilsonlock

Head of Secondary

Bangkok Prep Campus

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