Dear Parents and Students ,

Term 3 is continuing to be very busy as our older students are currently taking part in external examinations and the rest of the children continue to be fully involved in high quality learning activities. Please have a wonderful extended weekend and I hope you find this week’s message interesting and useful.

CIS Accreditation

I would like to inform you that we will be hosting a visit from the Council of International Schools (CIS) in November 2019. This is an integral part of the CIS school accreditation process and it is very common in all high quality international schools. The last two visits from CIS were extremely positive and the reports commented on the high quality learning environment, impressive teaching, excellent learning and the wonderful sense of community which exists at our school. This process allows us to externally validate the way we operate within our school and supports the aspects that we select areas of development for our school improvement plan.

Without doubt, this will continue to be a feature of the feedback from the CIS accreditation teams who visit at our school.

Parents Survey results

At the end of Term 2, I shared a Parent Survey with the Bangkok Prep Community. Thank you to the 238 parents that found some time to complete this Parent Survey. We genuinely value all of your opinions and we welcome some ideas that you may have about the future direction of our school. In Term 1, I also arranged for a student voice survey and you can find a summary of their responses in my Head of School Message dated Friday 22nd March 2019. The Students responses were extremely positive and so were the responses of the Parent Survey.  I have listed some of the interesting results below:

  • A significant majority of parents either agreed or strongly agreed that their child receives a quality education at Bangkok Prep.
  • A significant majority of parents either agreed or strongly agreed that their child is happy at school.
  • A significant majority of parents either agreed or strongly agreed that their child makes good progress at school.
  • A significant majority of parents either agreed or strongly agreed that Bangkok Prep is located in a safe and pleasant neighborhood.
  • A significant majority of parents either agreed or strongly agreed their child is motivated by their teachers.
  • A significant majority of parents said that my child receives a quality education at Bangkok Prep.


As with all surveys, any developmental comments are being taken very seriously and they are being considered for inclusion in the School Improvement Plan (SIP) for 2019 – 2020.

FOBP Update 

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the members of the FOBP Committee who have worked tirelessly to support our school. The committee consists of a dedicated group of parents that have volunteered to coordinate and arrange events which generate funds for school charities. The funds that the FOBP have generated have also been used as donations to the school and this has resulted in the acquisition of many major items; such as the electronic scoreboard in the Sports Hall, sofas in the Sixth Form area, EYFS sensory garden and many more generous purchases. This week the FOBP have purchased additional items for the school including a fabulous piano for the Primary Music Department and some technical equipment for the Secondary DT Department. A sincere and genuine thanks to everybody that has contributed to this donation – the students of our school will clearly benefit from your hard work!

This week the FOBP established a formal constitution and the election for next year’s committee members took place on Wednesday 15th May.

It is with great pleasure that I announce the following successful candidates for the 2019 – 2020 FOBP Committee:

General Committee

PresidentScott Bevan
TreasurerJohn Collins
General SecretaryArchana Indani
SponsorshipElizabeth Jerah

Primary Team

CoordinatorYanti Bevan
Events ManagerJess Khorana
Parents RepresentativeYohko Kuno Sonobe
Media In ChargeKhyne Myat

Secondary Team

CoordinatorHelen Garry
Parents RepresentativeDewi Ratnawulan
Media In ChargeRhianna Sheridan

Please join me in wishing the new committee members the very best of luck, and thanking them in advance for committing themselves to the wonderful work the FOBP does for the whole school community.


Warm regards


Duncan J Stonehouse

Head of School

Our Campuses

Primary Campus

Bangkok Prep Primary Campus
23 Sukhumvit 53, Vadhana
Bangkok, 10110


Secondary Campus

Bangkok Prep Secondary Campus
77 Sukhumvit 77, Vadhana
Bangkok, 10110