Dear Parents,

We are already more than halfway through Term 1 and the academic progress of the students has been remarkable. Whilst focusing on academic achievement, creative arts and sport, we also need to be prioritising the safeguarding of the students and staff at our school.

Campus Security

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you of some of the safety and security features that we have in place on both campuses and ask for your support and co-operation in ensuring that these are followed. Policies for both Primary and Secondary are now available on Firefly:

Please can I ask also ask you to impress upon your child the need to take care on the footpaths and roads in the area around both campuses  – as we all know the roads in Bangkok are very busy and we all need to be vigilant to remain safe.

The Advantages of the A level programme

I would like to thank the parents that attended Mr Wilsonlock’s presentation on A levels vs IB earlier this week. His enlightening session reminded us of the advantages of the A level programme.  Mr Wilsonlock explained that the principal advantage of A levels is the freedom of choice that they offer. Most pupils study three A level subjects and there are no specific requirements for which subjects a pupil should study. A levels allow pupils considerable freedom to specialise in the subjects that really interest them and which are more closely related to the course that they might aspire to study at university. Certain subject combinations, such as Maths, Further Maths, combined with a science subject, are also more easily achieved through an A level programme. A levels also allow for the study of all three sciences. For pupils who aren’t quite so sure about their future plans, A levels still give them the option of maintaining a breadth of subjects, such as studying a humanities subject, combined with maths, science or a language.

Focusing on three subjects at A level, as opposed to the six studied at IB, gives teachers considerably more time to explore a subject in real depth. At Bangkok Prep, A level students also benefit from several study periods each week, where they can complete reading and research tasks. This helps to prepare them for future study at university, where learning is more self-directed.

A levels are recognised by universities all over the world, including those in UK, Australia, New Zealand and in America. However, a frequent misconception is that A levels are somehow perceived as a ‘weaker’ qualification by some universities, particularly in America. This is not true. The US-UK Fulbright Commission publishes a table on their website to help potential applicants average their A level qualifications into a grade point average (GPA). From that table, it can be clearly seen that an A* grade at A level is the equivalent of a 4.0 GPA scale, which is the highest point on the scale. We are very proud of the fact that Bangkok Prep students gain places at the most prestigious universities around the world.

In summary Bangkok Prep has chosen A levels because we believe that the programme of study should be tailored individually to each pupil, rather than moulding the pupil to fit the qualification.

Best regards,

Duncan Stonehouse

Head of School

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