Music Programme

Private Music Lessons are available for your Child to Shine!

Instrumental lessons are taught on a one-to-one basis each week. Lessons last 30 minutes and are taught in a private instrumental practice room. It is recommended that students taking instrumental lessons should have access to an instrument at home. Students who wish to hire an instrument from the school on a termly basis may do so by applying to the campus Head of Music (Primary: Ms Frisbie - and Secondary: Ms Kelner -

Lessons are arranged during school hours and are timetabled on a rotating carousel. Timetables are sent directly to parents and are also displayed on the notice board in the Music department. Primary students in Years 1 – 3 will be escorted to their lessons. Primary students in Years 4-6 as well as Secondary students must take responsibility for their own lessons, to know the day and time that their lesson is scheduled and to arrive punctually.

Tuition fees are 650 THB per 30 minutes and all fees must be paid in advance.

We currently offer instrumental lessons on the following instruments;

Voice: Ms Kao

Piano: Mr Lienard and Ms Pook

Guitar and Ukulele : Ms Pim

Violin: Ms Nam

Recorder and Flute: Mr Tony

Drums: Mr Bom

Clarinet: Ms Dao