Library Helpers September 2018

Congratulations to Bangkok Prep’s first ever student Library Helpers!

  • Amy Donghee Kim
  • Aoki Meysi Yeo
  • Audrey Khorana
  • Ava Smith
  • Coco Hahyeon Lee
  • Jasmine Raya Tanasirichat
  • Luna Hasebe
  • Mei Tahara
  • Nanase Yoshida
  • Neevi Jain
  • Pam Ongvasith
  • Ruby O’Loughlin
  • Seoeun Lee
  • Tavishi Naredi

This programme is designed to develop student leadership and introduce young people to library science.

For the past two weeks, we’ve been busy preparing for Primary School’s Roald Dahl Day. We will soon begin our training sessions. Come by the library to meet and congratulate them.

Angela Hilderbrand

Primary Library Teacher